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Our Stockton crew are waiting to pay CASH for your old car, truck or SUV TODAY. Whatever the condition and whether it’s running or not, we want to buy your car! Get a quote using our form below

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    Get More Cash For Your Unwanted Car, Truck or SUV in Stockton

    Regardless of condition, and whether your car is running or not we want to buy it today – for CASH!

    You might be asking yourself why. Well – the reason is pretty simple. The other half our of business is selling vehicle parts from scrapped cars, trucks and SUVs for cash. Home mechanics can come find used auto parts from cars like yours at a great price – meaning your scrap vehicle will have a useful second life keeping other cars on the road for years to come.

    It saves money on auto repairs and does a little bit for the environment into the bargain. Add that to the cash both you and we make on your junk car, and there are really no downsides!

    So think on: don’t call any other junkyard in Stockton, contact iPull-uPull Auto Parts for a free and fast no-obligation valuation and get cash for your junk cars!!

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    Prefer to speak to one of the team about our Stockton cash for cars service? Call us today and get a quote right over the phone. Be sure to have your vehicle’s VIN handy as our iPull-uPull team member will ask for it, plus a few additional simple questions.

    Free removal and towing service available.

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    Cash for Cars FAQs

    How is the price determined?

    There are many factors in determining the price, such as the make, model and year, the weight and completeness of the vehicle. Price may also depend on demand.

    What paperwork is required for me to sell my vehicle?

    The most commonly needed documentation is your vehicle’s Certificate of Title.

    Do I have to do any paperwork?

    No, our buyer will complete the paperwork for you and show you where to sign the title.

    What if I don’t have my title?

    It is possible to obtain sufficient documentation from your local DMV office.

    What if the title is not in my name?

    It is usually possible to obtain sufficient documentation from your local DMV office..

    Do you pay cash or check?

    If you have your title, we pay in cash. If you do not have your title, we pay by check.

    When do I get the money for my vehicle?

    We pay you on the day we receive the vehicle and title.

    Will you buy my vehicle if I can’t deliver it to your location?

    Yes, we can tow it for you.

    How long does it take to pick up my vehicle?

    Usually within 1-2 business days.

    Do you charge for pickup?

    No, in most cases we are able to offer free towing.

    My car has a lien, can you still purchase it from me?

    It depends on the age of the lien. If it is older than 3 years we may be able to purchase your unwanted vehicle after we notify the lien holder.

    How can I help a non-profit business by donating my car?

    You can help non-profits by donating the cash that we pay you for the sale of your vehicle. Most non-profits prefer to receive cash payments as donation.

    Can you pick up in the evening or weekend?

    Yes, we can arrange a time for pick up and call you an hour before we arrive.

    I don’t have my keys, will you still buy my vehicle?

    No problem. Running or not we can buy your car.

    What do you do with the vehicle?

    Your unwanted vehicle will be recycled using an environmentally friendly process. We remove vehicle fluids, that are recycled, then we make the vehicle available to our self-service customers to remove parts to reuse. Finally, the remaining scrap metal and other materials are recycled to be used in new products.

    Do you purchase all years, makes, and models?


    My car was in an accident, will you still purchase it?

    Yes, we can still recycle your vehicle in an environmentally friendly process.

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