Rewards Program

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  • 1 POINT = 1 DOLLAR

iPull-U-Pull has the right to change, modify or terminate the iBucks Rewards Program at any time without liability to iPull-U-Pull.


How do I sign up for the iBucks Rewards Program?
You may sign up online or go to your local IPull-U-Pull location.  You will receive an email or text message confirming your membership.

How do I receive my membership card?
You will receive an email or text message when your card is available. You may pick it up at the IPull-U-Pull store and have your picture taken.

Are there eligibility requirements to be an iBucks Rewards Program Member?
You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify.

How do I earn points?
You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at IPull-U-Pull on qualified purchases.  Qualified purchases are part sales, services and thrift store purchases.  Purchases that do not qualify for points are purchases paid with iBucks Rewards, sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery charges, labor charges, restocking fees, commercial or industrial purchases, builders (cars), bulk buys or purchases, “core” charges, environmental fees, returns, and certain items that are excluded in particular promotions.

When will I receive my iBucks Rewards?
Points will be will be totaled quarterly and iBucks will be available 30-60 days from the end of the previous quarter.  iBucks will be available in $20.00 or 250 point increments.  Point balances that do not equal 250 will be added to the next quarter.  Quarters are:  Q1 January-March, Q2 April-June, Q3 July-September, Q4 October-December.

How will I receive my iBucks Rewards?
It is easy!  At check-out, show your iBucks Rewards card and your qualified purchase will be credited the amount of iBucks Rewards that you have earned.  You must have at least $20.00 available to redeem.

What are iBucks Rewards eligible for?
iBucks Rewards can be redeemed for any purchase of products or services.  iBucks Rewards are not redeemable for cash and have no cash value.

What if I return my purchase made with iBucks Rewards?
For the portion of the purchase made with iBucks Rewards, the Reward value will be forfeited.

When do iBucks Rewards expire?
iBucks Rewards expire one year from the quarter in which they were earned.

Do I have to spend the entire amount of my iBucks when I redeem?
Yes. iBucks Rewards must be used in $20.00 increments.  No cash back or iBucks Rewards points will be credited for any unused portion of the $20.00 increment.

What if I lose my iBucks Rewards card?
The next time you are in the store, just ask for a new card and have your picture taken.

Can members transfer points to a relative’s or friend’s account?
No, points are for the card holder only and may not be transferred to another account.

I forgot my iBucks Rewards card.  Can I get credit for my purchase on another day?
No, but the cashier will be happy to look up your card with a valid picture I.D. on the day of purchase.

Can I check my iBucks Reward balance online?
Yes, just log in and click on iBucks Reward balance.

Can I get iBucks Reward points for past purchases.
No, you must be a iBucks Reward member to earn points.

Do you share my personal information and transaction history?
No, information is only used as deemed necessary to run the iBucks Rewards Program.  However, we do utilize outside resources to run the program.

Benefits of the iBucks Rewards Program
The iBucks Rewards Program is FREE, and your account will be properly credited every time.